Trusted by engineers
for over 30 years

A wide range of high quality wires and cables ensures that there is a high performance Nakoda product for all your industrial, domestic, agricultural, and networking needs.

Quality that exceeds
industry standards

As manufacturers of a wide range of PVC insulated domestic and industrial wiring cables, Nakoda adheres to safety and quality standards that consistently exceed industry benchmarks.

Suppliers to large

Nakoda's wires and cables are at work in leading industrial and commercial establishments across India, including Indian Railways, leading builders and Coal mines.

Wires & Cables Manufacturers in India

Our products

Domestic cables

Validated by customers, our domestic cables are known for their trouble-free performance and long life. Our domestic cables create a sound electrical set-up that you can trust and are immune to safety issues.

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Commercial cables

We manufacture durable cables for all commercial purposes. Capable of high-speed data transmission as well as consistent high performance, they are suitable for computer network systems, CCTV, & internal network wiring in multi-storey complexes.

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Industrial cables

Cables are the arteries of all industries. Nakoda manufactures industrial cables that exceed the highest quality norms and are known to be safe & reliable while delivering exceptional performance.

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Agricultural cables

Nakoda’s agricultural and farming cables are flexible and easy to install. Designed to be durable, they are designed to withstand the long exposure to sun and the harsh weather conditions of India.

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Quality that exceeds standards

Driven by a focus on quality and high performance, Nakoda Wires & Cables takes an R&D-based approach to its process and manufactures products that consistently exceed industry standards.

Why choose Nakoda Wires and Cables?

Nakoda Wires and Cables is a company that specializes in the manufacturing and supply of electrical wires and cables. Here are a few reasons why individuals or businesses should choose Nakoda Wires and Cables:

1. Quality: Nakoda Wires and Cables are known for producing high-quality products. We adhere to stringent manufacturing standards and use quality materials, ensuring the wires and cables are reliable and durable.

2. Range of Products: We offer a wide range of wires and cables suitable for various applications. Whether you need electrical cables for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, Nakoda has a diverse product portfolio to meet different requirements.

3. Safety Standards: Nakoda Wires and Cables prioritizes safety and ensure that its products comply with relevant safety regulations and industry standards. This can be crucial in preventing electrical hazards and ensuring the smooth functioning of electrical systems.

4. Reputation and Experience: The company has a good reputation and a long-standing presence in the industry. Positive reviews from satisfied customers and a track record of delivering quality products and services contributes to our appeal.

5. Customer Support: We provide excellent customer support, offering assistance with product selection, technical queries, and after-sales service..

6. Competitive Pricing: While pricing can vary depending on the specific products and market conditions, Nakoda Wires and Cables offers competitive prices for their range of wires and cables.

Client testimonials

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Mr. Archit Reddy

Director, Pavani Estates Private Ltd.

Nakoda’s wires and cables form an integral part of our project due to their superior quality. From the order to delivery, Nakoda has always been dependable. We are happy to be associated with them.

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Mr. K Sushil Kumar

Executive Director, KPC Projects Ltd.

KPC Projects has become synonymous with quality construction. This is because we work with only quality partners. Nakoda is one of them. Their wires and cables are very durable and long-lasting and have features that are even better than industry standards.

Our legacy

A glimpse at the milestones
we have achieved along our 37-year long journey













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Commenced retail trading in Hyderabad.

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Established Ishwar wire products for consistent delivery of quality cables.

Commenced production of single core copper and aluminium cables.

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Started manufacturing top-quality multicore and submersible flat cables.

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Started a new production line for co-axial cables.

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Reached a milestone by becoming an ISO:9001 Certified company.

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Started manufacturing insulating compounds that defied all industry standards.

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Commenced the production line for quality telephone and switchboard cables.

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Bagged our most prestigious order as supplier to Punjab Electricity Board

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Began the manufacture of super-efficient data and networking cables.

Manufactured cables that could withstand extreme temperatures (-40℃ to 105℃).

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Commenced manufacturing special cables designed specifically to withstand Singareni Collieries’s scorching heat.

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Received proof of our commitment to quality when the Indian Railways appointed us as a registered supplier.

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In our tireless effort to be better, we reached another milestone by becoming an ISO 14001 Certified company.