Surveillance camera (CCTV) cables

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  • High picture quality
  • Highly durable
  • Low attenuation

Modern surveillance cameras carry HD quality videos over considerable distances in real time. Whether you need an IP Camera for interiors or a HD quality PTZ cameras for external surveillance, Nakoda CCTV cables gives you unmatched video quality.

Nakoda cables are specifically designed to minimise transmission losses through low attenuation, resulting in a grain-free, distortion free video recording.

The high grade exterior insulation ensures durability while a dense screen mesh made up of aluminium alloy eliminates any interference from Electro-magnetic or Radio frequency signals that are vital in protecting frame-rates.

Nakoda cables allows for robust transmission of signals even in modern commercial high-rises filled with many signal transmitting devices.

Item Size
3+1 90 mtrs
4+1 90 mtrs

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