Coaxial cables

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Multi-core Sheathed Flexible Cable description image
  • High picture and sound quality
  • Low attenuation

Creating hi-end designs to provide Best Picture and Sound Quality which means Low Attenuation, Nakoda Co-Axial Cables have risen to meet the ever-increasing demand generated by the DTH/CATV channel industry. Besides Best Picture and Sound Quality, these cables also minimise the distortion and effects generated by the weather.

  • The central conductor of Co-Axial Cables is made of solid bare electrolytic grade 99.97% pure copper which ensures excellent signal transmission.
  • It is insulated with a special Nitrogen gas-injected foam polyethylene which supports high-speed signal transmission.
  • The second conductor is a special Poly Aluminium tape which overlaps and is bonded on the foam dielectric. This is then braided with high strength Aluminium alloy wires with more than 60% coverage which ensures noise-free and High-Quality Sound and Video output.
Item Size Braiding Lengths available
RG-6(copper) 95 % 90/270 Mtrs
RG-8(copper) 95 % 90/270 Mtrs

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