Submersible pump cables

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  • Weather proof
  • Water & grease resistant
  • Abrasion resistance

Nakoda 3 core Flat Cables are designed to withstand the extremely harsh conditions in which they are required to work. Whether exposed in dry & dusty agricultural lands or in deep hole borewells, Nakoda submersible cables can withstand the extreme conditions over several years.

Manufactured from 99.97 % pure Electrolytic Grade copper, these cables have high Conductivity and results in lower electrical resistance. The carefully designed flat insulation can reach the deepest borewells in minimal space and is impervious to water, oil and grease giving it a long life.

Nominal area of conductor No/dia of conductor
1.5 22/.3 mm
2.5 36/.3 mm
4.0 56/.3 mm
6.0 84/.3 mm
10.0 80/.4 mm
16.0 126/.4 mm

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