1/2/3/4 core aluminium cables 1100volts

Multi-core Sheathed Flexible Cable image
Multi-core Sheathed Flexible Cable description image
  • Weather proof
  • Moisture, grease and oil resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • High flexibility
  • Long life

Nakoda aluminium cables are manufactured using EC grade aluminium conductor and hence have high conductivity. Each individual conductor is insulated with special grade PVC compound formulated and manufactured in-house. The cores are laid up in a flat parallel position and are sheathed with a tough, robust and weather proof outer PVC jacket which protects it from oil, grease, moisture and abrasions which give them longevity.

single aluminium cables
Nominal area of conductor Lengths Available
1.5 sq.mm 100 mtrs
2.5 sq.mm 100 mtrs
4 sq.mm 90/450 mtrs
6 sq.mm 90/270/450 mtrs
10 sq.mm 90/450 mtrs
16 sq.mm 90/270/450 mtrs
25 sq.mm 100 mtrs
35 sq.mm 100 mtrs
50 sq.mm 100 mtrs
70 sq.mm 100 mtrs
95 sq.mm 100 mtrs
120 sq.mm 100 mtrs
150 sq.mm 100 mtrs
185 sq.mm 100 mtrs

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