We all wish to have a great sound system installed in the center of our drawing-room. Well, a lot of people have it too. Just imagine you are spending quality time with your family watching a beautiful movie or listening to melodious songs and suddenly a technical glitch disrupts the beautiful moment you had.

We are fond of installing an expensive sound system to have the utmost audio quality. But when it comes to speaker wire, we used to ignore it. A good quality cable may not enhance the potential of the amplifier but can assure bring each drop of performance to your table. Here is a list of cables to make your desired setup the ultimate one. American Wire Gauge(AUG) number mentions standard numbers. Thicker wire represents lower gauge no & vice versa. People generally use between 12-18 AUG.


1.Nakoda cable

Nakoda wires and cables were founded in 1978. The journey of 44 years ensures not only the quality of the product but the trust of every Indian household also. It produces a various range of cables without compromising safety standards & uniqueness.

Nakoda OFC speaker wire is an oxygen-free copper conductor. Nakoda, the no.1 wires and cables company in Hyderabad, provides the right gauge and oxygen-free copper cable to meet your expectation. It helps to get clear sound, transparent insulation & high-quality audio signals for indoor & outdoor applications. Nakoda is one of the top 10 best speaker wire manufacturer companies in India.


2.MX Speaker cable

MX speaker cable could be admitted in 2nd position for its quality product. Copper conductor maximizes signal transmission, and 22AUG high-quality speaker cables ensure uninterrupted audio quality.


3.Finolex cables Ltd

Finolex is a name almost known to everyone for its higher achievement in electronics industries. It has been leading the market for the last 50 years. The wire includes 99.97% pure electrolytic grade bright annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity. It's ISI certified.


4.Havells India

Havells is recently popularized in this industry. Havells offers Twin Flat Speaker Cables with multi wires. Copper conductor provides high sound quality & long-lasting performance.


5.Polycab India Ltd

Polycab is well known for its range of electronic gazettes. Polycab’s oxygen-free copper wire ensures the right gauge, length & good audio quality. Govt. of India collaborated with this company for many projects such as Digital India. Make in India & many more.


6.V- Guard speaker wire

V guard speaker cables come with triple-layer insulation for better safety. It provides moisture guard & heat resistance. It enables high conductivity of copper & low conductor resistance. It's flexible and long-lasting.


7.Media bridge 2 Conductor wire

Media bridge 16 AUG 4 – Conductor speaker wire is 99.9% oxygen-free copper wire. It is a flexible, white insulated jacket marked with a stripe on one side for polarity. One can give it a try.


8.Amazon Basic Speaker Wire

Amazon basic speaker wire is originally produced by amazon itself. The company provides 12- 18 AUG speaker wire including black & red rings for color-coding. It comes with banana plugs that enrich sound quality.

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