Which electric wire is the best quality in India?

Which electric wire is the best quality in India?

Which electric wire is the best quality in India?

Which electric wire is the best quality in India?

If you are looking forward to getting the best quality wires in India, you must ensure that the following parameters of the wire in question are of unparalleled quality. Let us take a dig into the issue.

Safety along with performance is the most important factors of the best quality wire, you must look for the following qualities. 

The Material…

All the electrical equipment needs its rated voltage and current to function properly. Otherwise, they become dysfunctional. Thus, when we speak of the best electrical wires designed and developed by the best wire manufacturing companies, they ought to be made up of materials having very high conductivity. As such, copper and aluminium are the two most popular materials of which the best quality wires in India are made up.


Wires made from copper have outstanding ductility, current conductivity, and a very high tensile strength. This is why, in most cases, copper is used for electrical wiring at homes and commercial properties by wire companies.


The best quality electrical wires contain over 99% pure electrolytic-grade copper.




Fire safety insulation is an important criterion for home wiring, as and when the best quality electric wire developed by leading cable manufacturing companies is chosen. The best quality wires have the following types of insulation.


  • FR or Fire Retarded
  •  HRFR or Heat Resistance Fire Retardant
  • FRFS or Flame Retardant Fire Survival
  • FRLF or Flame Retardant Lead-Free
  • FRZH or Flame Retardant Zero Halogen
  • FR or Fire Retarded.+
  • FR-LSH or Flame Retardant Low Smoke and Halogen.


Electrical wire gauge or size

When things come down to purchasing electrical wire manufactured by electric wire manufacturing units, size matters a lot. High-quality wires must be available in various sizes so that you can avail the precise size that you need.


In electrical terms, the wire gauge indicates the physical size of wires. A quality electrical wire manufacturing company will come up with every probable wire gauge size that can is available.


Choosing the correct gauge wire is imperative, for otherwise, the fuse and the circuit breaker might not work, leading to fire-related mishaps.

Electrical Colour codes used in India for wires


A quality wire and cable manufacturer will always stick to the electrical colour codes that are used in India.


In the electrical fraternity, separate colours in the wire are used for electrical residential wiring for line, and ground on earth. And the colour codes are so designed separately to depict varying loads of types of power supply. 



With the help of the colour code, we can easily and safely identify the type of conductor.

According to the old standards in India, red for a line or live (power.) conductors, black for neutral conductors and green for ground or earth conductors. And if you are looking for the best cable and wire manufacturing company then Nakoda Wires and Cables is the right destination for you.

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