What is a coaxial cable used for?

What is a coaxial cable used for?

What is a coaxial cable used for?

What is a coaxial cable used for?

What are coaxial cables?

Acoaxial cable is a type of electric cable which consist of an inner conductor, surrounded by a concentric conducting shield. Given that a dielectric separates both the cable and the shield. At the same time, many of these cables are covered by a protective sheath or a jacket.

Most of the coaxial cables are made up of aluminum and copper.

Coaxial cablesare also known as coax. It is a type of cable used to convey data, internet, video, and voice communications. Moreover, the dielectric is used to minimize the signal loss as much as possible. There are many places where coaxial cables are majorly used in Television, internet, CCTV, and video transmission.


Best coaxial cable company in India

The best coaxial cable manufacturer in India is Nkaoda cables. Nakoda cables have been providing very durable and long-lasting cables for many years now. The quality of the cables that are manufactured is very promising and premium. Nakoda cables have been a renowned name for their coaxial cables also.

The coaxial cables provided by Nakoda come with the following features:


  1. Co-Axial Cables are equipped with a solid bare electrolytic grade 99.97 percent pure copper center conductor that enables optimum signal transmission.


  1. The insulation is made up of a special nitrogen gas-injected foam polyethylene which aids in high-speed signal transmission


  1. The second conductor that they manufacture is a Poly Aluminum tape that overlaps and bonds to the foam dielectric.


  1. The wire that they manufacture is also braided with high-strength Aluminum alloy wires that cover more than 60% of the cable, resulting in noise-free and high-quality audio and video output.


Nakoda cables produce coaxial cables that are best for domestic television. These cables are known for high picture and sound quality. The main focus of Nkoda cables is to improve the user experience of the domestic wiring. Domestic wiring could turn out to be a hectic job if not done properly. Nakoda cables, the best company of electric wires and cables in India, have a wide range of Cables that gives the customers a variety of products to choose from.

Besides the best picture and sound quality also, the price range of these products that are inexpensive and cheap and comes with unmatchable bandwidth and speed.

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