How many cable companies are there in India?

How many cable companies are there in India?

How many cable companies are there in India?

How many cable companies are there in India?



Our country's first demonstration of electric lights was conducted in Calcutta ( Kolkata) on 24th July 1879. It was a successful venture for the citizens. Days passed and now India has become the 3rd biggest producer of electricity. This data may reveal the continuous growth of electronics industries to some extent. There are numerous companies in India producing speaker wire, electric wire, network cables Coaxial cables, and a lot more in this segment. In this article, we will cultivate the top 10 cable manufacturers in India.


  1. Nakoda cable - Nakoda, is a name that's becoming the favorite cable wire of every Indian family. Nakoda was founded in 1978 with a vision to meet every need of electronics. Nakoda produces a wide range of electrical wires,  telephone cables, network cables, CCTV cables, speaker wires, coaxial cables, submersible cables, aluminum service cables, single & multi-core copper flexible cables, etc. The company offers discounts & attractive terms of purchase to institutional buyers. Thermal stability, high voltage test & insulation resistance test make the products unique and incompatible.


  1. Finolex Cables Ltd - The history of Finolex cables began when two brothers P.P Chabria & K.P Chabria came to Pune & set up a small shop to sell electric cables. They produce wires & cables, switches, led lights, etc. The company ensures 99.97% pure electrolytic grade in each wire. The company is ISI certified & approved by FIA/TAC.


  1. Polycab wires Pvt Ltd - Polycab is one of India's largest wire & cable manufacturers. The company launched a wide range of consumer electrical products like speaker wires, cables, fans, switches, etc. The company covers an 18% market share, including manufacturing facilities and exports in 40 countries.


  1. Havells India Ltd - " Havells wires that don't catch fire". The company produces a range of industrial cables such as voltage cables, EHV cables, extra-high voltage cables, etc. The wires are safe,  fire retardant, lead-free & halogen-free.


  1. KEI Industries Ltd - Krishna Electrical Industries was established in 1968 as a partnership firm to manufacture wiring rubber cables. The company has 38 branch offices & 21 warehouses across the country.  The company produces communication cables, control cables, speaker wires, house wires, etc.


  1. V - Guard Industries - the company was formed long back in 1977 to build an infamous brand in Indian electric & electronic goods. The wires are 99.98%, pure copper, and offer a uniform capacitance throughout the length. The wires are flexible for easy wiring installation.


  1. Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd -  It is one of the largest wires & cables manufacturers in India. The company has set up a benchmark for manufacturing flexible wires & cables. The wires are made with dual-layer insulation that improves dielectric strength.


  1. Syska - The company is famous for producing versatile Syska PVC cables. Syska guarantees the best PVC cables for general household wiring.


  1. RR Kabel - It's the first wire & cable company in India. The company produces a variety of electronic products with safety and quality.


  1. Gupta wires & cables - The company was established in 1961 with a small initiative. But today they produce a wide range of house wires, speaker wires, HT power cables, etc.


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