Recommended components 2021 Edition Loudspeaker Cables

Recommended components 2021 Edition Loudspeaker Cables

Recommended components 2021 Edition Loudspeaker Cables

Recommended components 2021 Edition Loudspeaker Cables


Nakoda's electrical products can withstand higher temperatures and emit less smoke and halogen in the event of a fire. They are protected for many years, even in the most challenging environments.

Nakoda is known for its superior quality materials and high insulation thicknesses. They also use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Our products are subject to stringent quality control that meets all international safety standards and exceeds those in many other countries.


Thermal stability refers to a polymer's ability to resist heat and maintain its properties (elasticity, strength, toughness) at any temperature. This helps to understand how stable these materials can be.

IS 694 needs a polymer to maintain temperature stability of 80 minutes.

The Nakoda FLRSH is thermally stable for 130 minutes, and it exceeds the industry standard by a substantial margin.

Test for high voltage

High voltage tests are usually performed to determine how safe the product is underrated electric wireconditions and how effective its insulation is.

Is 694 standards are for working voltage upto 1100 volts.

The wires have been tested at 3300 Volts (3 times their rated voltage), and they passed the test without breaking.

Tensile strength

Tensile strength is the resistance of a material to being broken under tension. Low tensile strength means that PVC will likely break under stress.

IS 694 requires a Tensile Strength (N/mm2) of 12.5

The Nakoda FR & FRLSH delivers an excellent Tensile Strength of 20 N/mm2, significantly higher than the industry standard.

Smoke density

Smoke density tests monitor light transmission with a minimum of 40% visibility for FRLSH Cables.

IS 694 requires less than 60% smoke densities and light visibility of 40 percent.

Nakoda FRLSH surpasses benchmarks, with a smoke density of less than 50% and light visible of more than 50%.

Oxygen index

The Oxygen Index determines the minimum Oxygen concentration in Oxygen/Nitrogen combinations in which the material can burn.

IS 694 requires an Oxygen index of 29%

For FRLSH and FR cables.

The Nakoda wires FR consistently deliver an Oxygen index of 30%, while the Nakoda wires FRLSH deliver an Oxygen Index of 32%. This is a superior quality to the recommended standard.

Temperature index

The material's Temperature Index refers to the temperature at which it can burn in laboratory conditions that contain 21% oxygen. It is helpful to see how similar materials perform under similar conditions.

Minimum Temperature Index Required at 21% oxygen in the air 2500 degrees celsius.

Below are the temperature indices for the Nakoda FR (FRLSH)

Nakoda F 2800C

Nakoda FRLSH3000C

Insulation resistance

Low-quality insulation can lead to short circuits, fires, and electric shocks. This insulation resistance test determines the insulation's Maximum Operating Temperature (MOT) as per BS EN 5395.

Nakoda electric wireshave a much higher insulation resistance because they are made with high-quality materials. The insulation of Nakoda cables allows tiny currents to escape.

IS:694 Standard : 1x 10 ^13 Mega ohms/km

Nakoda FR : 4.5 X 10 ^13 Mega Ohms/km

Nakoda FRLSH : 4.5 x 10^ 13 Mega Ohms/km

AudioQuest Rocket 33: $445.95/10ft couple

AudioQuest's 14AWG solid-core Rocket33 speaker cable provided an impressive leap in performance over SM RadioShack Flat Megacable speaker power cables. It infused music with more excellent low-level resolution and transient speed, clarity, and physicality. (Vol.34 No.9, Vol.37 No.2 WWW)

As reviewed, Kimber Kable 4PR $157/3m Pair (10').

The 4PR speaker cable from Kimber is still in its original form, almost unchanged since its introduction back in 1979. The 4PR uses the same braided design as the 8VS but has four pairs of black and brown conductors. This braid is looser than the 8VS. The 4PR was more nuanced, detailed, precise, and controlled than RadioShack's 16-gauge zip cord. The price is $90/10ft per pair without connectors. (Vol.35 No.7 WWW)

Naim NACA5: $26/ft $$$

ST discovered that the Spendor S100 loudspeaker works well with this inexpensive spaced-twin wire. The Naim NACA5 has remained unchanged in its product line since 1986. It is composed of two long, thick runs of stranded wire of heavy gauge. These wires are twisted into a tight bundle and then molded into a thick Teflon sheath. AD said that the NACA5 was "stiffer than Swedish roadkill." The NACA5's bulkier size allowed RadioShack to communicate pitch relationships better than the SW-1650 speaker wire. It also had a "more realistic sense of flow" and was more cost-effective. JA recommends this cable as a high-value one. (Vol.32 No.8 WWW)


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