Who is the biggest cable company in India?

Who is the biggest cable company in India?

Who is the biggest cable company in India?

Who is the biggest cable company in India?

According to a recent report cable and wire industries are being predicted to register skyrocketing growth in the upcoming years. There are many reasons to support this argument. Urbanization and industrialization take place at a rapid pace, which is a significant factor responsible for driving the growth of this market. Even the increase in self-driving cars is also giving heat to this market.


Top 10 wire companies in India

The wiring system in India is quite fragmented and the top 10 wire company in India are as follows:


  1. Nakoda Cables

Nakoda Cables is among the top companies in the wire manufacturers in India. Nakoda Cables is a well-established enterprise it solely focuses on ensuring the best quality of Cables that they manufacture. The products that they produce are 100% conductive, less heat generating which results in less electricity bill so the cables are cost-effective too.


  1. Finolex Cables LTD

Finolex Cables LTD was founded in 1958, the company is originally located in Mumbai. The parent company to which it belongs is Finolex group the company manufactures cables, power cables, and coaxial cables.


  1. Havells India LTD

With an extensive number of manufacturing plants across Noida, Faridabad, Alwar, Neemrana, Bangalore, Haridwar, and more Havells offers a wide range of products like LED lights, and air coolers air purifiers. Havells also offers services like cabling services and domestic wiring.


  1. KEC International LTD

KEC International Limited is a global infrastructure engineering and procurement company. It focuses on supplying towers and constructing transmission lines. Cable production is also a major part of the business.


  1. KEI Industries LTD

It is one of the top cable companies in India. There is a wide range of products that are offered by this company are EHC cables, HT cables, LT cables, Rubber cables, House wires, winding wires, Stainless steel wires, Solar cables, Instrumentation Cables, coaxial cables, etc.



  1. Polycab India LTD

Polycab India has known to be the most rapidly growing cable company in India and has become one f the top leading companies in the Indian Cable industry. The company is mainly focused on the manufacturing of Cables and wires that are used domestically.


  1. RR Kabel LTD

RR Kabel is a Mumbai-based company, it has skyrocketed in recent years. RR Kabel is a massive manufacturer of Data cables, Ethernet cable types, Auto cables, and Power cables.


  1. V-Guard Industries LTD

It was founded in 1977. It is a major manufacturer of multicore rounded cables in India. There are a wide variety of cables offered by V-Guard that include house wire cables, CCTV cables, insulated power cables, and control cables.


  1. Universal Cables

Universal cables were established in the year 1962. It is one of the most reputed companies in the wire and cable industry the company is engaged in the production of products that include CCTV cable, and twin-core cable.


  1. Gupta Power Infrastructure LTD

Gupta Power Infrastructure LTD is the branched company of the JRG group. The company mainly focuses on the production of conductors and cables.



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