What type of cable is used for CCTV? Is CAT5 cable good for CCTV?

What type of cable is used for CCTV? Is CAT5 cable good for CCTV?

What type of cable is used for CCTV? Is CAT5 cable good for CCTV?

What type of cable is used for CCTV? Is CAT5 cable good for CCTV?


From residential premises to office spaces, CCTV cameras are installed on almost every corner to ensure the safety of the people residing or working inside. Whether it is an apartment complex or an entrance of a public figure, a CCTV system has become a must, given its effective video surveillance feature. These systems are developed using a series and pattern of cables and connectors. These CCTV cables and connectors make the appliance ready to capture images and videos live and record the same for later reference.

The CCTV camera is designed to capture video images and compress the stored data through communication channels. There are data links as well to give users proper access to the information. In case something goes wrong or a crime is committed, referring to the picture and video data captured by the CCTV system helps find clues about the crime and the person who committed it.

Types of Cables Used For CCTV

Based on the CCTV cable specification, users can choose the most suitable CCTV cables for their residential premises or commercial space. Here is a list of some of them that one can consider:

Coaxial Cable

These non-metallic groups of wires are more durable than most of the available alternatives. As they are made of tough material, they are resistant to wear and tear. Besides being preferred for CCTVs, these can also be used for radio signal transmission, etc.

Siamese Cable

These cables are coaxial cables and power wires connected together. They are versatile and can simultaneously be used for data transfer and power transmission. The features these cables offer make paying a higher CCTV cable price worth it.

Twisted Pair Cable

These are standard copper wires that offer effective signal integrity. In addition, the wires used reduce crosstalk and ensure the transmission is always active.

Is CAT5 cable good for CCTV?

Users commonly ask this question. CAT 5 cable works well with CCTV, but one must use pure copper CAT 5 cable. The wires might be labelled as pure, but they still not be pure copper and only copper-coated aluminium (CCA). Thus, users must be cautious while buying CAT 5 cables for CCTV. The same applies to CAT 6 cable. CCAs break easily when bent; hence, using them in a video surveillance system could be risky and need frequent repair.

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are other forms of cables too that can be used as CCTV cables. Some include optical fibre cables, video power cables, ethernet cables, etc. A CCTV system requires wires that won’t give up in emergencies. Many companies manufacture cables and connectors for CCTVs, ensuring users do not get dumped by the device unnecessarily. You can connect with expert manufacturers and consult professionals to understand which wire would be the best for your use and how effective it will guarantee uninterrupted CCTV surveillance services. Now when you know the cables that make your CCTV work well, you can buy the best video surveillance system for your space.

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