How many cable companies are there in India?

How many cable companies are there in India?

How many cable companies are there in India?

How many cable companies are there in India?

A cable is nothing more than an instrument for transmitting electricity, which causes electricity to move between different locations. The presence of wires in every device is a given because a single machine can't operate without it. You've probably seen wires in every device you utilize, like refrigerators, cooling air conditioners, water pumps, phone chargers, TVs, etc.

In India, there are numerous electric wire companies are producing a huge quantity of cables.In today's post, we will discuss India's top 5 companies specializing in the production of wire.

Check out the following list of Top 5 Cable Companies in India

  • Nakoda cables and wires Ltd.
  • Apar Industries Ltd.
  • Finolex Cables Ltd.
  • Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd.
  • KEC International Ltd (RPG)


Nakoda cables and wires Ltd.

It is among India's best, most reputable, and most trustworthy cable companies. It offers a broad selection of premium wires and cables to ensure you get the best performance. It provides a wide range of products, including Cables CCTV, CCTV Cable, wires, R.J.45, House Wire, electrical wires,power cables, etc.

 It gives a quick-moving electrical good. It has set the bar for safety and quality with every product it makes, which made the company a no.1 brand of wires and cables in India. The company is a prominent presence on the international market as well. The company innovates its products frequently, emphasizing sustainability and safety in a constantly changing market.


Apar Industries Ltd

It is one of the most established companies that manufacture cables in India. It is active across various fields, including electrical and engineering, in metallurgical processes. It offers a variety of products, including special oils and lubricants, Aluminium, and alloy conductors. It is one of the Top 5 Cable Companies in India.

Finolex Cables Ltd

The company is a member of the Finolex Group. The company manufactures a range of items like cables and wires, switches, pipes, fittings, sheets of PVC Cables for power, CFLS, and PVC Resin. The company also makes underground high-voltage, heavy-duty low voltage, energy, and control cables. The company is among the top five cable companies operating in India.

Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd

The company is focused on the manufacturing of conductors as well as cables. It also has an EPC division that is focused on Turnkey projects. Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd has been active in developing quality products since.

 The company's extensive product range comprises Instrumentation Cables, Overhead Conductors, Thermocouple Cables, Power Cables, Instrumentation Cables, and others. With Fundoodata subscriptions, you have access to additional details about the business, such as the amount of employee turnover, turnover, information about decision-makers, and more.

KEC International Ltd (RPG)

It is among the leading cable manufacturers in India. The company is involved in the manufacturing of EHV XLPE cables, instrumentation cables Elastomeric cables PVC cables PILC cables, and many other capacitors.The company is active in various industries, such as Railways, Renewable, Cables, Civil, and Railways. The company is involved in power infrastructure development around the globe. It is a multi-faceted business unit that includes Power Transmission & Distribution, Cables, Railways, Renewable, and Civil.

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