What is the Disadvantage of Using Aluminium Wire?

What is the Disadvantage of Using Aluminium Wire?

What is the Disadvantage of Using Aluminium Wire?

What is the Disadvantage of Using Aluminium Wire?


Aluminium, being cheaper than copper ought to be an automatic cabling and wiring choice for the cable manufacturing companies in India. However, that does not mean that aluminium has a clear advantage over copper when it comes to cabling and wiring. That’s because, aluminium, despite enjoying an overwhelming preference over copper, does not come without limitations. Hence, companies that are into cabling and wiring do have to take into consideration those limitations and weigh their decisions. Take, for instance, the leading aluminium cable manufacturers in India. Since these companies have to deal with aluminium cabling and wiring, they have to remain mindful of these limitations.


Aluminium is prone to fire hazards:This is one of the most significant cons of aluminium wires.  If and when installed incorrectly, or if aluminium wires corrode, there is a propensity of catching fire. Thus, whenever aluminium wires are used, there is always a risk of fire outbreak, more when the wires get old.

Insurance Companies are sceptical: When it comes to offering insurance coverage, the insurance companies are not quite pleased to provide insurance coverage, when aluminium wiring and cabling Are laid instead of copper. Even if any insurance company gives a nod on insurance, the premium they would demand is humongous. This is one of the reasons why the market for aluminium wires and cables is not as sprawling as it should have been. And this is one major issue that the aluminium cable manufacturers in India are facing.

Compatibility Issues that may raise installation cost: Aluminium cables and wires need certain dedicated parts like lugs & screws and other terminal spare parts that are needed to be approved through various types of compatibility assessments. That is why, electric wire manufacturing companies that design and develop aluminium wires have to have the required infrastructures in place, for these testing.


High Replacement Rate: Since the rate of depreciation of aluminium is higher than that of copper wiring, the replacement rate is much higher, which leads to high cost – something that nullifies the fact that aluminium wire price is lesser than that of copper price.


Glitches in Aluminium Wires can only be rectified by trained technicians: This is another constraint, wherein the glitches can only be sorted by trained and seasoned techies who are experts in dealing with aluminium wires and cables.


Difficulty in the installation: Installation of aluminium cables and wires is much more difficult than the installation of the copper wires, simply because of the added flexibility and size of the aluminium cables.


Storing hazards and failures: Storing aluminium wires and cables is a challenge because of their sheer size. Thus, the wire and cable manufacturer companies have to consider shorter cable lengths. This means more cable joints are required for covering a longer distance. More joints increase the probability of system failures.


They pose potential fire risks: Aluminium wiring and cabling pose a higher potential risk of fire outbreaks when improperly installed or dealt with utter negligence and carelessness. Moreover, the contraction and expansion cycles of aluminium have more impact on the structural integrity of the wires and cables, than what happens in copper wires. Hence, too many of these contractions and expansions can loosen the connections and joints, thus increasing the risk of fire outbreaks by manifolds.


That's why experts in wire and cable manufacturers like Nakoda Wires & Cables, the best electric wires and cables brand in Hyderabad, have to keep all these factors into consideration while designing and developing aluminium cables and wiring.

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