Let’s Explore Cabling & Its Types

Let’s Explore Cabling & Its Types

Let’s Explore Cabling & Its Types

Let’s Explore Cabling & Its Types


Connecting one device with another across a network is a must to facilitate quicker communication among individuals and businesses. This is where the concept of cabling comes into the scene. 

What Is Cabling?

Cabling is defined as a set of copper or glass wires that connects two or more devices, forming an efficient network.

Installing the best wiring cables in India helps with easier, smoother, and faster communication between objects, enhancing the networking of individuals and businesses across the nation and the world. The process establishes a strong connection between computers, routers, switches, and other devices and elements to ensure efficient communication channels for the best ever uninterrupted data transfer and interaction between people or entities.

Today, when the world is under the threat of contracting Covid-19, digitizing every personal and professional communication, it has become mandatory to have a robust cable network for efficient communication, be it for a telephonic conversation or online communication. There is a wide range of cables & wires manufacturers in India that establish cables for proper information transfer.

Types of Cabling

Cabling installation, as stated above, plays a vital role in ensuring the easy transfer of information between devices across a network so that individuals and businesses communicate well. Well, when it comes to installing a cable, the top cable companies in India have a wide range of cables to offer based on the purposes the customers want them for.

The most common cables that any No. 1 cable company in India has to offer include:

Cat5e cable

These cables are twisted pairs of cables to help connect computers over single or multiple networks. They operate with up to 100MHz and are most suited for establishing Ethernet connections. Such cables are widely used for carrying signals for conversation over telephones and video calls.

Cat6 cable

Like Cat5e cables, these are also twisted pair cables used for the Ethernet connections. Though both are similar in many aspects, Cat6 cables are more particular in their specifications. This, in turn, helps establish more complex and advanced network connections.

Fiber optic cable

The next on the list is even more advanced cabling – Fibre optic. Glass fiber strands comprise these cables, which make these arrangements superfast. As a result, the data transfer is smoother and faster than ever before. The performance is unbeatable and is the best for establishing efficient long-distance communication. Due to their advanced performance, these cables are installed in business premises where a number of computers and devices are required for communication.

Now when you know what cabling is all about and what type of cable would suit your requirements, you can connect with the best cable brand and manufacturing company in India like Nakoda Wires and Cables, and discuss your requirements. The professionals will guide you and accomplish the task of setting up the most robust connection for your personal as well as professional communication needs.

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