Who is the biggest cable company in India?

Who is the biggest cable company in India?

Who is the biggest cable company in India?

Who is the biggest cable company in India?



We all know that nakoda, the largest cable company in India, provides reliable quality to its customers, and they offer the highest quality cable that is durable.

Nakoda makes multi-core aluminum cables for apartment buildings and independent homes.


Cables for industrial use


Nakoda, the best wire brand in India, produces high-quality multi-strand industrial cables of the highest quality with low metal fatigue. Nakoda wiresand cables have a solid and long-lasting reputation, and they can withstand high temperatures and harsh operating conditions in the process industry.

Cables for Networking (LAN).


* Extremely durable

*Gigabit speeds

* CAT5e & CAT6


Nakoda LAN cables are high-performance cables used in modern computer networking. You can find the four-pair UTP cables in Cat5e or Cat6 categories.


The CAT5e can handle speeds up to 1000 Mbps or a Gigabit every second and operate at 100Mhz frequencies. Nakoda's CAT6 cables are capable of handling data at speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, or a Gigabit per second, but at higher frequencies, such as upto 250Mhz. This allows it to transmit even more data simultaneously.


The UTP 4 pairs cables come with a PVC central spine made of high-grade PVC that separates the four pairs. This reduces interference and minimizes packet loss even at Gigabit speeds.


Industrial telephone cable-


* Superior sound clarity

* No cross-talk

* Low attenuation


Nakoda Telephone Cables, the best brand of cables, allow you to enjoy uninterrupted communication. Use these cables for internal telephone wiring in offices, multi-story buildings, factories, hotels, and hospitals.


Made with 99.97% pure Electrolytic Copper and sheathed in superior quality PVC insulation to prevent interference. This will eliminate interference and cross-talk.


These telephone cables are compliant with ITD-S/WS113C specifications and suitable for domestic and industrial use.


Surveillance camera (CCTV) cables


* High picture quality

* Extremely durable

* Low attenuation


Modern surveillance cameras can transmit HD quality video over long distances and in real-time. Nakoda CCTV cablesoffer unbeatable video quality, whether you are looking for an IP camera for interiors or a PTZ camera for exterior surveillance.


Nakoda cables, the top brand cables in Hyderabad, have been specifically designed to minimize transmission losses via low attenuation. This results in a grain-free and distortion-free video recording.


High-quality exterior insulation provides durability, while dense screen mesh made of aluminum alloy prevents interference from Radiofrequency or Electromagnetic signals which are crucial in protecting frame rates.


Nakoda cables allow for robust transmission of signals even in high-rise commercial buildings filled with signal transmitting devices.


Agricultural cables-


Nakoda's farming and agricultural cables are flexible, lightweight, and easy to set up. They are durable and come with exterior sheathing, which gives them excellent resistance to general wear and tears. This ensures that your machinery and equipment work at their best.


Submersible pump cables-


* Weatherproof

* Resistant to water and grease

* Abrasion resistance


Nakoda 3 Core Flat Cables can withstand extreme conditions. Nakoda submersible cablescan withstand harsh conditions for many years, whether exposed to dry and dusty agricultural lands or deep-hole borewells.




These cables are made from 99.97% pure Electrolytic Grade Copper and have high conductivity and lower electrical resistance. Flat insulation is designed to reach deep borewells with minimal space, and it is also waterproof and resistant to oil, grease, and water.


Nakoda, a cable company based in India, is the largest. It offers the highest quality: cables that are weatherproof, waterproof, shockproof, and many other types.

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