Why is aluminum used in cables?

Why is aluminum used in cables?

Why is aluminum used in cables?

Why is Aluminum Used in Cables?

Cables made up of aluminium are being used all over the world for manufacturing cables, and India is not an exception. However, there are certain reasons behind that. On this page, let us discuss the advantages of using aluminium cables instead of cables made from other materials.

Aluminium cables are in use across a wide range of industries& markets.

But why? Well, there are certain physical advantages of using cables made up of aluminium. Let us discuss them.


The Physical Advantages

Although silver is considered to be the best conductor of electricity, it comes at high prices, and this naturally limits its use. This is why electrical cable manufacturers in India would use aluminium and copper for conductors. But then again, of the two, copper has a much higher electric conductivity than Aluminium, and it is more flexible than Aluminium as well. Also, it has a higher tensile strength quotient and can easily be soldered as and when needed. However, copper is much heavier and more expensive than aluminium and is thus, not that conducive for extensive use. This leaves only aluminium as the sole contender for the making of wires and cables.


Conductivity and Weight of Aluminium

While on one hand, aluminium comes up with better conductivity than copper, on the other hand, it is only slightly more than one-fourth of copper's weight. That means, a bare aluminium wire will wright less than even half of what a bare copper wire will weigh, although both will have identical electrical resistance. Over that, the fact that aluminium cablecomes at a much cheaper rate than copper conductors has contributed to its immense popularity in the world of cabling and wiring.

The weight factor is extremely vital, as these communication or transmission wires stretch long distances between poles, and the longer the distance between two poles lesser the total number of poles and the lesser the cost. Take, for instance, the ACSR or the Aluminium Cable Steel Reinforced wires. These wires designed and developed by the electrical wire manufacturers in India are built from a central steel wire, which gives it strength. And these wires are wrapped around by multiple layers of aluminium. This steel core makes the wires more stubborn, making it possible to set up the poles further apart, thus cutting the cost.


As we have earlier mentioned, copper is a much superior conductor of electricity than aluminium but is more expensive and heavier than aluminium. Thus, even with 60 per cent less conductivity than copper, aluminium is a much stronger contender for the making of communication cables and wires, by the wire and cable manufacturers in India.


So let us sum up facts as to why choosing aluminium for cables and wires is a wiser option.


  • Aluminium wire price is much lower than other options.
  • They are much lighter than copper as well as silver – the other two contenders for wire and cable manufacturing.
  • Aluminium has the same conductivity as copper when compared from the aspect of loading.


So these are the advantages of using aluminium wire for communication cabling.


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