Who manufactures electrical wire?

Who manufactures electrical wire?

Who manufactures electrical wire?

Who manufactures electrical wire?




Nakoda Wires & Cables, the best wires and cables manufacturing company in India, was founded in 1978. Since then, the company has maintained a commitment to safety and quality. Our ability to meet or exceed quality standards has made us a trusted choice for electrical engineers.


About manufactures electrical wire plant -


Our electrical and telecommunication cable range is supported by Nakoda's manufacturing plant and strict quality control measures. Nakoda cables are used by large commercial offices, shops, shopping centers, and gated communities for both indoor and outdoor wiring. 


India's industry standards are met with all wires and cables. Many of our products comply with various international standards, including strict EU standards.


Engineers and professional electricians prefer Nakoda wiresand cables due to their higher tensile strength as well as the ability to resist voltage surges. To see how Nakoda's lines surpass industry standards and how you can insure yourself against wire burnouts, faults, breakages, and other mishaps check out this video.


Quality processes are what we believe leads to quality results. Our focus on superior material and zero tolerance ensure that every Nakoda wire or cable meets the highest industry standards.


Products for offices, commercial complexes, and institutions


Nakoda, the top brand of wires and cables in Hyderabad, is a trusted supplier to many of the world's largest power generation and transmission companies and heavy engineering industries, public utilities, and manufacturing industries. 


Nakoda cables are used in mission-critical applications such as power utilities and Indian Railways. Nakoda, a prominent manufacturer and supplier of cables, can provide more significant quantities in customized sizes and specifications to meet your requirements.


Half/3/4 core aluminum cables 1100volts-


* Weatherproof

* Resistant to oil, grease, and moisture

* Abrasion resistant

* Very high flexibility

* Longevity


Nakoda aluminum cables are made using EC-grade aluminum conductors and have high conductivity. Every conductor is individually insulated using a particular grade PVC compound formulated and made in-house. 


The cores are laid parallel and covered with a weatherproof outer PVC jacket that protects them from moisture, oil, and other abrasions, giving them longevity.


OFC speaker wires-


* Clear sound

* fewer tangles

* Transparent insulation


Nakoda speaker cables are highly recommended to connect speakers and public address systems. They provide a clear, distortion-free voice with low dB loss. Bright annealed Electrolytic Grade Bare Copper and Tinned Copper Conductors are used to manufacturing Nakoda Twin Parallel Speaker Cables.


These professional-grade speaker wires are transparently insulated to blend seamlessly into any interior. They transmit high-quality audio signals to the speakers at the highest levels from the amplifiers.




It is the best option to choose the nakoda company electrical wires. Customers have confirmed that Nakoda's electrical cables offer superior performance and long-lasting durability. Nakoda's 99.97% pure Electrolytic Grade Copper Core provides lower electrical resistance and high-quality insulation materials. 


You also can choose from Flame Retardant or Flame Retardant low smoke wires to protect your loved ones.


Nakoda cables are available for modern homes in various telephone cables, network cables that support Gigabit speeds, and CCTV cables. These cables offer superior quality and durability that can withstand extreme weather conditions in outdoor applications.

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