What is the difference between a network cable and an Ethernet cable?

What is the difference between a network cable and an Ethernet cable?

What is the difference between a network cable and an Ethernet cable?

What is the difference between a network cable and an Ethernet cable?


Living in the electronic age makes it vital for us to be aware of the tools and equipment that establish a connection between two objects or devices. Of course, there are technicians to take care of certain things, but there is no harm in being aware of connectivity basics. However, while discussing the measures that help in connecting two devices or equipment, there are multiple terms that you might come across. Out of them, network cable and ethernet cable are the most widely heard of.

Network Cable vs. Ethernet Cable

Though the technicians understand the difference between an ethernet cable and a network cable, users like you still remain a layman. Therefore, we have listed category-wise differences between them to help you understand how they differ. Let us have a look at them:


While network cable covers a wide range of cables, the ethernet cable is formed when multiple network cables are branched together. Thus, it can be said that an ethernet cable is a type of network cable.

When network cables are used in Ethernet environments, including Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), etc., they are called ethernet cables. The ethernet cable is made of a copper cable. On the contrary, the network cable can be a patch cable or glass optical fiber.


All kinds of cables available in the market to establish the connection between two devices or objects could be called network cables. Hence, its existence can be traced back to years. On the other hand, ethernet cable has been named after Ethernet. The Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) is among the most common ethernet cable types. Some examples of such types of cables include Cat5e cable and Cat6 cable.

The evolution of the ethernet cable connection has brought it close to what network cable aims at achieving.


Ethernet cable works on wired LAN technology. While users specifically refer to the wired LAN connection as an ethernet connection, they might call it a network cable connection in general. However, the network cables are not confined to wired usage. Instead, they can be used in WiFi or Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) to establish efficient connections for effective object-to-object or device-to-device communication.

When it comes to identifying the differences between the two, only technical experts can efficiently do so as they understand the major components of both cable types. It might not be easy for normal users until they get the hang of the technology used behind the two. In addition, the network cable price and an Ethernet cable price vary significantly, given the range they cover and the features they offer.

Thus, before you choose a cable to make your objects connect and function efficiently, it is recommended that you understand the major differences between the two and then decide which one to buy. In short, analyze your requirements thoroughly and then opt between a network cable and an Ethernet cable. For better information and clear your doubts, you can connect with the team of Nakoda Wires and Cables, the top wires and cable manufactures in India. You will get all the help and proper guidance to make the right decision.

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