What are the different types of wires?

What are the different types of wires?

What are the different types of wires?

What are the different types of wires?


Even in this era of wireless connectivity, when you look around yourself, you will surely find at least one wire that enables that wireless connection. Isn’t it? Thanks to the wire and cable manufacturers in town.

Have you ever wondered what these wires are? What are they made of? How do they help operate different connecting devices? And what forms are they found in? Well, a wire is an electrical conductor that can either be found in solid form or in a stranded version. A solid wire is rigid; hence, it is a good conductor of electricity. On the other hand, the stranded ones are made of smaller wires arranged as braids. As these are less likely to

When these wires or conductors are grouped and encased in the sheathing, they become cables. Sheathing is a non-conducting material that protects the conducting part of the wires/cables. A wire and cable manufacturer considers all these points to develop the respective products.

The wire companies manufacture and make available different types of wires that you, as users, must be aware of. Some of the wire and cable types that the majority of wire and cable manufacturing companies are listed below:

Types of Wires

The types of wires that electric wire manufacturing companies make available include:

  • Jumper wires – These are stranded wires that have been designed to ensure they can be inserted easily into a breadboard.
  • Magnet wires – These are wires coated with copper or aluminum and have a thin layer of insulation. It allows wires to wound together in multiple layers, creating an electromagnetic field with no chances of short circuits.
  • Hook-up wires – These are wires used in low current or voltage for establishing connections internally. The wires can be cut into the desired length using a wire stripper to strip off the insulation. This allows the metal conductor to attach to the respective circuit.

Types of Cables

The cables that are made available by the cable and wire manufacturing companies in the market include:

  • Coaxial Cable: It is a type of electrical cable with four layers. The layers form a coaxial shape with a common axis; hence, it is named so. It consists of a conductor with an insulating plastic layer protected with a metallic shield.
  • Twisted Pair Cable: Made from two insulated wires twisted together, these cables help in reducing electromagnetic interference or noise. Hence, they are effectively used in Ethernet networks and telephone connections. These are further classified as Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Shielded Twisted Pair (STP).
  • Fiber Optic Cables – These are more flexible and transparent and help transmit data in light. There is an extra protection layer that keeps the fibers prevented from interference. These are further classified into single mode or mono-mode and multi-mode fiber optics cables.

Now when you know the types of wires and cables found around, you can easily identify their type and assess the quality offered by a wire and cable manufacturer. Then, go ahead and buy the most suitable one per your requirements. You can connect with the team of Nakoda Wires and Cables, the best electric wires and cables company and manufacturer in India, if you need any help to buy cables and wires because they are one of the most highly reputed manufacturers in India

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